Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Arran Omnibus

For those keen to see what happens next on the Isle of Arran in Miller Caldwell's successful crime trilogy, we are happy to tell you the wait is over! The following two parts of the trilogy have been published in Omnibus format. The paperback is now available on Amazon, with the Kindle Edition available shortly. The paperback is £10, while the Kindle edition is £3.99.

The blurb on the back reads:

Retired Postman Ronnie Jackson suffers from Dementia. He retains a very early hour of rising and on several occasions sees something suspicious at the Blackwaterfoot slipway. He is not believed. Can Ronnie make sense of what has happened to him and can he settle happily after his traumatic experiences?

"What I liked about the novel Dementia Adventure is that it educates about Dementia and how sufferers live with confused minds. It is also an exciting and adventurous ramble around the Isle of Arran." CYRILL BARNETT

Seaweed In My Hair

Central London gets Kate and Greg Bailey down. The skills of a hair stylist and a health club manager seem transferable to the Scottish Isle of Arran. But the move turns out to be a disaster for them both. As their relationship tears apart, Kate must survive traumatic events. Can she turn her world around on her own? Can she possibly find contentment in her life as the wild sea churns over and the fresh sea breezes blow in her direction?

"A heart-warming story based on lovely Arran." MORAG RITCHIE

Seaweed In My Hair and Dementia Adventure follow Murders At Blackwaterfoot in a trilogy of Arran crime books. All stories feature Sergeant Rory Murdoch, and of course, Blackwaterfoot. Sometimes his territory lacks serious crime but his cases are always challenging.

For details on how to get copies, please check the page in our book directory here.

Miller will also be on Arran shortly with signed copies. 

Monday, 7 June 2021



Welcome to the first of many in our Writer's Block series! 

Ann Massey is interviewing her fellow Beul Aithris Publishing writers and artists giving you a chance to get to know them and their work. 

Next up we have supernatural fiction phenomenon Petula Mitchell, who released her debut short fiction collection At The Crossroads in September 2020. 

ANN MASSEY: Tell is a bit about yourself!
PETULA MITCHELL:  I'm 58 years old, married and have two grown up sons. I'm a grandma to two boys and dog mum to a pair of retired greyhounds. I work part time for the NHS as a health care assistant and phlebotomist at my local surgery, a job I have done for  almost eighteen years. I have also been a dental nurse, a barmaid, a school dinner lady and sold TV's so it has been a varied work life! I have a few hobbies including cross stitch embroidery, gardening and I love taking photos of the local landscapes. I live in West Sussex so we are on the doorstep of the South Downs National Park and less than half an hour from the coast.

AM: How did you first get into writing?
PM: I first started writing when I was a child and would sit for hours making up stories and reading them to my unfortunate family, and when they got bored I had an audience of dolls and teddy bears. As a teenager I used to always submit things to the school magazine and was very pleased with myself if they got printed. Then there was a long gap while work and family life took over. About ten years ago now I decided to have another go at writing.

AM: You have many published short stories that have a supernatural theme - what draws you to this genre? 
PM: I used to avidly read ghost stories as a child. The Armada books series was a firm favourite and I can still remember stories like 'The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall' and the' Man who Walked Around the Kirk Widdershins'. I think growing up reading my mothers Edwardian copies of Grimm Brothers and Hans Christian Anderson, which were not sanitised for the modern era even by 1960s standards, was a big influence. There are elements of the supernatural in most of those stories. My parents were old Sussex people and familiar with the stories and folklore that occurs locally too. My dad and his brothers certainly knew how to spin a story. There is always that part of the human psyche that likes to be scared all be it in a safe and controlled environment. Placing strange events in a normal mundane setting and seeing where the characters go is interesting both as a reader and a writer I think.

AM: Your book At the Crossroads is a collection of your supernatural tales, tell us a bit more about it!
PM: At the Crossroads is a collection of stories I have written over the past two to three years. Lots of the ideas sprung to mind when talking to friends, reading articles or just being out and about overhearing conversations. I always have a notebook in my bag or at least jot down things on my phone. By and large I tend to set stories in the present. It's somehow more unnerving to have a ghost or entity on the motorway or in a modern hotel than it is in an old castle to me. Some of the stories explore what happens when those that have gone before are disturbed and some look at how the supernatural can live among us without being noticed. I also ponder on where we go after we have run out of time ourselves.

AM: You have also written true haunting and creepy articles for Spooky Isles relating to your neck of the woods in England, especially Sussex and Surrey. Do you find being surrounded by these sorts of locations helps inspire your writing?
PM: The area around Sussex that I live in has a story or a spectre in every corner! With the trend for ever more housing development and new people moving into the area it's important I think to make sure the stories don't get lost. Landmarks like Chanctonbury and Cissbury ring have dozens of stories about them going back to the Iron Age. The Downs themselves are criss crossed with trackways and lych roads that have been used for centuries. Old stories of demons and devils, dogs, witches and even UFO's in the modern era abound. It's hard to not find a village or a copse without a story. In the case of St Leonard's Forest near us there are tales of being chased by the devil, dragons, saints and mysterious black cats. It's all here in abundance so there is certainly plenty of inspiration to find out about the weird and the peculiar.

AM: When you aren’t busy writing, what do you like to read? 
PM:   My own reading shelf is a real mixture! I read about art history and actual history. I adore sci fi! One of my great frustrations is that I write terrible sci fi stories myself. Detective fiction with a dose of Nordic Noir (I love Jo Nesbo). I like Val McDermid, Ian Rankin and Ken Bruen so anything that is a bit dark I suppose. Spy stories by Le Carre and a good rip roaring thriller or adventure by Alistair MacLean or Clive Cussler. I like historical novels too. Simon Scarrow and his Roman novels are firm favourites. I enjoy anything about polar exploration, partly because I can never quite work out why people want to go anywhere that cold!

AM:  What is next for Petula Mitchell? 
PM:  I have taken a few weeks to have a good think about a few projects and noodle around with some ideas. A ghostly detective novel and a short story set in the arctic are underway along with working on something in a totally different genre as time allows.  Now I just need to stop procrastinating and actually finish them!



Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Introducing the Arran Trilogy by Miller Caldwell

The next set of releases will be uncharted territory for  Beul Aithris, as we debut in crime fiction with a nice 'Tartan Noir' trilogy from prolific author Miller Caldwell. The first release, Murders At Blackwaterfoot, introduces the character of Arran policeman Rory Murdoch. 

The blurb for Murders At Blackwaterfoot reads:

Based at Lamlash on Arran, PC Rory Murdoch has a minimal caseload, giving him ample time to think about his daughter, Ella, and her special needs. Then three murders occur in close succession. His supervising officer, mainland-based D.I. Samuel Grant, is not supportive. Can Rory stand up to this bully and undermining superior?

Rory receives a letter from Belgium and Ella has a remarkable insight both of which lead to High Court trials in Ayr. How can Rory cope with three murder trials while his mind is preoccupied on greater matters?

This is a fast-paced story set in the stunningly beautiful island of Arran with elements of humour, pathos, romance and great sadness.

 'This was a marvellous story and I even shed a tear or two.' Morag Ritchie

Arran isn't exactly a hot bed of crime? So how did Miller find the inspiration for the trilogy?

"I saw a large bull in the field next to our holiday cottage on Arran. It eyed me and I wondered what its next move would be. It was mine however. The dividing hedge was the issue. On my side was a bushy cotoneaster hedge with only half a top. A bull's neck half, and of course on the field side, it had been nibbled to the bark. I tore off a strip of hedge and waved it in front of the bull. Too late I noticed I was wearing a red jumper. I froze.  

The coal black bull approached and with a tongue as long as a child's arm, it took the branch from me and devoured it. Of course it wanted more fodder and I provided several extra portions of the hedge each morning. We became sort of friends, in fact very good friends and I plucked up courage to stroke its neck. On the last day, the bull was already standing with its neck into the garden when I realised it was stamping the soft field with its front left hoof, the sort of matador bull-teasing stamp. I looked over into the field and saw a salmon coloured stone briefly appear. Was it a hand. Was it a body? Well, that inspired the story. But even when I had written it, I realised I had created Constable Rory Murdoch.

Surely there could be other cases for him at Blackwaterfoot? So Murders at Blackwaterfoot is the first of the trilogy of Arran tales. Seaweed in My Hair and Dementia Adventure will follow soon. The size of the island, the Blackwaterfoot characters and the holiday atmosphere helped to concentrate the mind. But as all have serious crime, I had better apologise to the Arran Tourist Board. Holiday bookings in Murderous Blackwaterfoot will be down!"

Murders at Blackwaterfoot will be available on 24 May, while Dementia Adventure and Seaweed In My Hair follows later in the year as an omnibus edition. 



Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Introduction to Soul Talk by Simone Marie Cowgill.


Soul Talk will be published in paper back  and Kindle on April 10

All my life I have felt there was a book in me, that I needed to write, and since I studied Theology at University in my late teens, I felt that one day I would complete the task. Though I have studied many spiritual practices, I did not feel ready to write the book until my late 50’s. Having gone through many of life’s lessons and listened to the voice of my soul, Soul Talk was born and is an introduction to anyone curious about their spiritual path and wanting to delve a little deeper. In it, I open up about my own journey and experiences, as well as giving insights and exercises for those who are seeking a deeper experience with Source and their guides and angels.

 Soul Talk is a guide to help all those who are trying to navigate their spiritual journey, by listening to the voice of their soul. I believe that we have all we need within ourselves, including the blueprint for our own life and our souls’ journey. If you are finding your way onto a Spiritual path at this time, then this book is for you. 

 In the book, I look at what Source really is and how we live a soul realized life. I also talk about the Universal Spiritual Laws and how to Manifest and co-create with Source. I delve into your soul’s choices and lessons for this life, and your soul group, as well as the bigger issues of why we are here. I give you tools to navigate your spiritual path, such as meditation and pathworking and information on other techniques available to help you. After reading this book you will understand why you are here and that you are a spiritual being in a physical body. Earth is a school for your soul to learn lessons and grow. You will start to follow your own authentic soul path that leads you back to Source. I hope you will find insights into your spiritual questions in my book.

 After leaving University I went into the Spiritualist Church learning psychic mediumship and later Tarot. As I went along my journey, I became a Metaphysical teacher, counsellor, and Reiki Master Teacher. I have since studied many other disciplines and enjoy Astrology as well as angel channelling. Latterly I studied hypnotherapy with NLP and CBT and have a keen interest in past life regression and near-death experiences and living a spiritual life. I had my own spiritual centre called ‘The Angel Lounge,’ as a spiritual practitioner and teacher. I am an author, teacher, and Spiritual practitioner.

To get your copy click here

The cover art for Soul Talk is by Robert Haworth





Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Happy New Year

Admittedly a bit late, thanks to the reshuffling of life under another lockdown in Scotland, I want to wish you all a happy new year - the fourth of Beul Aithris' existence! We live in precarious time still, but somehow, we will rumble on!

There are a number of new titles in the works for this year - including Soul Talk by Simone Cowgill and cover art by Robert Haworth, which is due out this spring; a Tartan Noir trilogy set on the Isle of Arran by Miller Caldwell due out this summer; our now traditional Hallowe'en book, this year by American author William Becker; and Malcolm J Ingham will see the release of his second title with Beul Aithris, Tales of Old Billy Badger, which will be illustrated by our resident artist, Mark Hetherington.

Dates of publication may have to shift thanks to the nature of pandemic life (ie, as well as running a publishing house from home, there is also an enthusiastic young reader who currently has to do homelearning for the foreseeable future as the schools in Scotland are closed to most children until further notice!). But any changes will be noted on the blog and social media. If you don't already, please follow Beul Aithris on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all sorts of interesting stuff! 

And for all available titles, please check the Book Directory. We have a lot of books on Kindle at low prices and several are on KindleUnlimited, and they are available immediately rather than having to wait on physical delivery, which may be useful if you are looking for a quick escape from any lockdown or self isolation. Print books are of course still available. Details for everything are in the book directory. 

Keep safe!