Wednesday 1 December 2021

2021 Publication Wrap Up

This year has seen a wide variety of new books at Beul Aithris Publishing, possibly the widest since being established in 2017. The final of these has just been released with Malcolm J Ingham's children's book, Tales Of Old Billy Badger, illustrated by Mark Hetherington. 

Aimed at children from the age of eight, the book aims at teaching about wildlife and nature. Coupled with Mark's illustrations, it is a lovely title that will no doubt be a great stocking filler for any young animal enthusiast. It mingles tales of Billy with those of other animals around him, including otters, foxes and rabbits amongst others. Many of these were inspired by the creatures Malcolm himself has captured on his wildlife trail cams, which you can see for yourself if you go to his Twitter @ingham_mal. 

The illustrations add beautifully to the stories, bringing them to life in an evocative manner. Mark Hetherington certainly has bags of talent - or is that a sizeable badger sett of talent?

Further details of The Tales of Old Billy Badger can be found here, with links on where to purchase a copy

Another project that Mark was involved was William C Becker's In The Footsteps Of My Forebears: A Psychic's Journey Through Time, in which Mark designed the cover and provided photo editing. William C Becker is a psychic medium, coach and author based in America, and he takes a unique turn on genealogy using his talents, something, which no doubt those enthusiastic about researching their family trees would love to do. 

The book recounts William's journey back to his ancestral homeland, visiting the places where his family once lived. The photos alone provide an evocative view of this trip, but it is what William picks up psychically from his passed over relatives that add that extra special twist to the book. It is a title that stays with the reader long after finishing it, and perhaps will lead them to look more into their own questions about where they come from.

Further details and links to get your copy of the book can be found here.