Monday 4 October 2021

The New Hallowe'en book is now available

 The 2021 Hallowe'en book is now live! This is a unique book that shows one man reconnect with his ancestors in a way not many can. The blurb is as follows:

“I grew up with my grandmother talking about the old country, our family and villages. All of my life I wanted to visit the land of my forebears, but it didn’t seem like a dream that could possibly come true.”

Finding out where you come from by understanding who our ancestors were, how they lived and events in their lives is a very profound experience. If none of that happened, where would we have ended up? Understanding their history can give us a stronger sense of our own identity and how we fit into the world. Most people will get that from looking up historical documentation, photographs and visiting their ancestral homeland. Imagine if you were also able to combine this with the ability to see beyond the veil that separates this world from the next. Imagine visiting where your family came from and their spirits were also there to accompany you. It is, as William Becker shows in this book, a very powerful experience, when he returns to the German Volga region from where his grandparents emigrated to America in 1912.

William Becker, International Psychic Medium, Psychic Life Coach and Teacher.

With his bachelor’s degree in history and master’s in public administration, William combines his love of history and his psychic abilities to allow people inside the deeper reality that surrounds us. His philosophy is that the more we know of the beings and worlds around us, the better we know how to more fully experience and live this life.

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