Ov: A Fantasy by Kevin Patrick McCann

“Everyone’s got a real name. You’ve got the name people call you and then you’ve got your real name. My real name’s Of No Importance but you can call me Ov for short.”

Moving house on his tenth birthday should have been enough of an adventure for Patrick, but nothing is quite as it seems. Beginning with the appearance of some mysterious animals, life takes a curious turn for Patrick. Not that the adults seem to have any clue that something strange is going on.

From a mysterious painting to a school field trip that takes a turn for the bizarre, coupled with a family bereavement, life is never going to be the same for Patrick. Led by the mysterious being Ov, Patrick embarks on a journey of twists and turns through darkness, with the odd dragon, to an inexplicable realm to fight for his family. He may only be a ten-year-old boy to most eyes, but Patrick discovers that there is much more to him than he could have ever dreamt possible.

This is Kevin's second book for Beul Aithris, his previous title being Diary of a Shapeshifter.