Monday 16 March 2020

Coronavirus/Covid 19

Beul Aithris will still be running as normal during the Novel Coronavirus/Covid 19, unless there are any severe changes to the situation.

As a publisher, you can't help but be aware there are lots of folk stuck in quarantine and figure there must be something you can do to help. As a small press with limited resources, it will really be a small thing, but if it provides even a small bit of escapism, it will be worth it!

All Beul Aithris titles are available to order on Amazon, who are in a position to deliver print books a lot more quickly than the BA Bookshop for urgently needed reading materials. For those with Kindles, the majority of titles are available in ebook as part of Kindle Unlimited.

At present, there are plans to provide some free reading material, it just needs to be organised!

Details of all titles can be found in the book directory at

Keep well and keep washing hands for 20 seconds with soap! Two rounds of singing Happy Birthday is meant to time it well. 

Uncanny Clydeside by M J Steel Collins will be available free on via Kindle for 5 days from 17 March 2020!