Friday 27 March 2020

Gods, Ghosts and Goblins: Folklore and Beyond by Eric L Fitch

Despite the lockdown, people still want to read. In fact probably more want to read judging from the uptake in free eBooks over the last couple of weeks! So on that note, the next release is out tomorrow on it's original schedule.

Blurb -

"The British Isles are awash with all sorts of legends and strange history, which have woven their way into the indigenous cultures and popular culture. This collection brings together these writings, ranging in subject matter from the links between the Celtic god Nodens, a Roman temple, and J. R. R. Tolkien; Woden’s influence in England; various horned gods; the Montem mound and associated salt ritual; St Ursula; various witches; Norse gods; the Chalvey Stabmonk; folklore surrounding ravens, ghosts and goblins; King Arthur; exorcism; M. R. James; H. G. Wells and other authors; and a significant update on his earlier work on Herne the Hunter.

Eric L. Fitch displays a phenomenal knowledge of folklore, legends, and custom. This is a collection that no folklore or antiquarian aficionado can do without."

And cover art, by Mark Hetherington, who also provided an interior illustration:

Copyright © Mark Hetherington

The print book is priced at £6.99 and eBook currently at £1.99 in line with the policy of providing low priced eBooks during the Covid 19 lockdowns. Both are available on Amazon, and will be available on the Beul Aithris Publishing bookshop once it reopens after the current crisis. The book is due out tomorrow, though there may be delays what with everything that's going on!

Please be aware that there are delays in deliveries with Amazon in terms of printed books across the board just now (Neil Gaiman fans also have to wait!) as they are prioritising delivery of essentials such as food and general supplies, so if you wish to get a copy of this, or indeed any other BA titles, eBook is the best format. Sixteen of our eighteen books are in this format.