Friday 20 March 2020

Reading Through The Lockdown! Kindle Price Cuts, Sale and Freebies

As the Covid 19 crisis continues to wreak havoc on life as we know it, here at BA, things continue to be plotted to see how we can help out.

Lots of folks are seeing their regular past times from going to the pub, cafe, cinema and theatre to live music having to stop as measures are taken to contain things. And now we have school closures to add to the mix of folk stuck at home for the foreseeable.

One thing we can still do, and that the joys of technology has made super accessible with eBooks, is reading. eBooks are pretty much how most libraries are only able to function at present in terms of providing reading material.

So on that front, a regular program of sale prices and the odd freebie is now happening with BA titles on Kindle. Some eBooks have had their over all price reduced, which will soon be showing up on Amazon.

Hopefully this will help folk in some way from going stir crazy. And for those with kids at home needing to carry on learning, the eBook of Kevin McCann's excellent poetry will be a snip at 99p for English with a twist! For younger kids, the audiobook of Elaine May Smith and Alison Stell's Wee Bunny Book can be found here on SoundCloud

Available on Kindle Price Countdown at 99p from 22 to the 29th of March at are, in no particular order:

The Unseen World: Afterlife Research by Ryan O'Neill
The Haunted Scotland Cookbook by Alister Reid
The Curse of Peg O'Nell or The Demon of The Well by Daniel Nicholas Cobban
Scottish Witch Memorials by Gregor Stewart
The Otherside by Ian Ainsley
My Life as a Scottish Paranormal Investigator by David Barrett

Price reductions

The Secret Diary of a Shapeshifter by Kevin McCann
Under the Dying Tree by Michael S Collins
This Isle is Full of Monsters: Shakespeare's Audiences and the Supernatural by Jon Kaneko-James
Uncanny Clydeside by M J Steel Collins
From Badgers to Nighthawks by Malcolm J Ingham
Dark Emerald Tales by Ann Massey O'Regan


Uncanny Clydeside by M J Steel Collins until the end of the week
Ghosts of Scotland by Gregor Stewart from 22 March til 26 March.
Behold! True Tales of Terror...and Some Other Spooky Stuff by Rick E Hale from 22 March til 26 March
 from 22 March til 26 March

After that, Kindle Price Countdown will be rolled to the American markets from 99c. And these will be a regular basis alternating each market.