Tuesday 7 January 2020

I Got 20:20 Vision!

Another new year is upon us, which means a good point for reflection. Last year was something of a breakthrough year for Beul Aithris Publishing, with a few firsts.

The first book published was the immensely successful From Badgers to Nighthawks: Adventures of a Wildlife Ranger by Malcolm J Ingham, Foreword by Mike McCartney. It generated several positive reviews, press and Malcolm also appeared on TV last year! It still continues to do well.

The other first we had was the publication of The Haunted Scotland Cookbook by Alister Reid. As far as can be ascertained, it is the first book of the kind, seeing Alister in the press over the Hallowe'en period.

Daniel Nicholas Cobban's The Curse of Peg O'Nell - Or - The Demon in the Well was the first full length novel published by Beul Aithris, with cover art by Mark Hetherington. This also saw Daniel appear in the press including local papers and even BBC radio!

The year was wrapped up with the timely publication of Witch Memorials of Scotland by Gregor Stewart, timely given the movement for a national monument in memory of those executed as accused witches from the 15th to 18th centuries.

So what does this year hold? Well, it will be the third year of Beul Aithris being in operation, the third anniversary being next month. Quite a lot of books have been published in that time. And there are few treats in store this year.

In mid to late March, we will see a folklore title by Eric L Fitch entitled Ghosts, Gods and Goblins, which covers everything from M R James to Herne the Hunter and is definitely one for folklore afficianados. Art work, including some illustration and cover art will come from the mega talented Mark Hetherington.

This summer will also see Kevin McCann's second title with Beul Aithris, this time a Young Adult novel.

Rick Hale will also publish his second title with us in time for Halloween, looking at the darker side of Chicago!

Some other titles are also planned for this year and will be announced in due course.

Happy New Year!