Wednesday 24 March 2021

Introduction to Soul Talk by Simone Marie Cowgill.


Soul Talk will be published in paper back  and Kindle on April 10

All my life I have felt there was a book in me, that I needed to write, and since I studied Theology at University in my late teens, I felt that one day I would complete the task. Though I have studied many spiritual practices, I did not feel ready to write the book until my late 50’s. Having gone through many of life’s lessons and listened to the voice of my soul, Soul Talk was born and is an introduction to anyone curious about their spiritual path and wanting to delve a little deeper. In it, I open up about my own journey and experiences, as well as giving insights and exercises for those who are seeking a deeper experience with Source and their guides and angels.

 Soul Talk is a guide to help all those who are trying to navigate their spiritual journey, by listening to the voice of their soul. I believe that we have all we need within ourselves, including the blueprint for our own life and our souls’ journey. If you are finding your way onto a Spiritual path at this time, then this book is for you. 

 In the book, I look at what Source really is and how we live a soul realized life. I also talk about the Universal Spiritual Laws and how to Manifest and co-create with Source. I delve into your soul’s choices and lessons for this life, and your soul group, as well as the bigger issues of why we are here. I give you tools to navigate your spiritual path, such as meditation and pathworking and information on other techniques available to help you. After reading this book you will understand why you are here and that you are a spiritual being in a physical body. Earth is a school for your soul to learn lessons and grow. You will start to follow your own authentic soul path that leads you back to Source. I hope you will find insights into your spiritual questions in my book.

 After leaving University I went into the Spiritualist Church learning psychic mediumship and later Tarot. As I went along my journey, I became a Metaphysical teacher, counsellor, and Reiki Master Teacher. I have since studied many other disciplines and enjoy Astrology as well as angel channelling. Latterly I studied hypnotherapy with NLP and CBT and have a keen interest in past life regression and near-death experiences and living a spiritual life. I had my own spiritual centre called ‘The Angel Lounge,’ as a spiritual practitioner and teacher. I am an author, teacher, and Spiritual practitioner.

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The cover art for Soul Talk is by Robert Haworth