Tuesday 30 June 2020

Ov and Changes

Last week saw the publication of the second BA novel and first Young Adult title, Ov: A Fantasy by Kevin Patrick McCann. This is a great piece of storytelling and there were points in editing where leaving a session to wrap up for the day was difficult as I wanted to find out what happened next!The cover art again was provided by resident artist Mark Hetherington, who again produced the goods. What with all the uncertainty of the world and summer holidays coming up, Ov is a good title for ages 13 plus, both for it's escapism and tale of getting through some incredibly difficult circumstances that at times seem impossible. They say fiction and storytelling can heal and teach valuable life lessons. Well, this book has it. Kevin is a writer of fantastic insight and a gift to younger readers. You can see more about Ov on the BA website here and purchase direct from Amazon here. It is available in all Amazon market places, as is Kevin's previous book, suitable for younger readers, Secret Diary of a Shapeshifter - click here. Like all BA titles in Kindle, both these are put at reduced prices to provide good reading at quality prices to help folk still in lockdown not get too bored.

The pandemic has seen the hiatus of the BA Bookshop. Things are starting to open up, but the Bookshop will not be reopening in it's current format. Instead, the ability to purchase print titles directly is going to be moved across to this website and be part of the Book Directory. Readers will be able to go onto the page of each book and find the option to purchase there, along with the blurb and other information. Now, this is simple enough to describe. Actually doing it is going to be another kettle of fish, with a bit of technical jiggery pokery! So the website may look a bit, well, wonky, while this is going on as widgets are tested out and checked for appearance and functionality. Please bear with things, and PLEASE DO NOT click purchase this title if you happen to see the Buy Now option on a title if you happen to see it. Once things are ready and the new system in place, a grand announcement with jazz hands will be made. All titles are available meanwhile on Amazon and some bookshops. 

The next title to be released is Petula Mitchell's collection of short ghost tales At The Cross Roads. Work is underway on it at present and it is both scary and bittersweet. It will make a good contribution to sleepless nights!  Following that it's Hallowe'en and Rick Hale's second BA title. Stay tuned!