Thursday 9 August 2018

Book Lover's Day

Technically, it could be be said that every day is a book lover's day. The average bookworm might be found packing the minimal amount of clothes in their suitcases to fit around the books (and packed Kindle), sizing up their epic to be read pile or indulging in a bit of Tsukundo.

Reading is a brilliant way to escape the world for a few hours, or even just get a few minutes peace and quiet during a busy day. An entire weekend free of plans, a decent book and a few hundred tea bags is definitley my idea of fun, my rock n roll clubbing days being somewhat behind me.

It might seem that there are probably quite a few days, and indeed weeks, dedicated to the cause of books and reading. Too much? Maybe not. There are a lot of who see reading as a waste of time. Sure, it's not everyone's cup of tea, but in a way, it's also sad. There are many benefits from reading. It's relaxing, it's educational, fiction can teach us many things about human relationships, it apparently does something for brain function - so it really should be encouraged.

One way of combatting that is dropping the book snobbery - as in a particular type of genre is snubbed as not being 'worthy'. Science Fiction and Horror are two notable examples, although at the same time, they are wildly popular with those who don't go for poser reading because a certain title is the in thing. Just because a genre isn't your cuppa, doesn't mean to say it won't fascinate someone else. I personally prefer attempting to hoover up every book on ghosts and hauntings under the sun, but I'm not one for UFOlogy. There are others who think tales of strange noises, and translucent apparitions are equivalent to watching paint dry, and find Roswell fascinating. Each to their own. The main thing is to read.

At the end of the day, there are books for everyone, even those who don't read.