Wednesday 25 September 2019

Cover Reveal - Witch Memorials of Scotland

This is a highly timely publication with the recent news that a memorial for all those sent to death as accused witches in Scotland between the 16th and 18th centuries is planned to be erected in Fife. And it's also fitting that the author is also one of Fife's finest authors, Gregor Stewart!

Witch Memorials of Scotland is a book that has been in the pipeline for quite some time for Gregor and it's an honour that Beul Aithris is the publisher.

The book recounts the horrific history of the witch persecutions, as well as noting how they are remembered and will be published at Halloween as part of the Scottish Paranormal book series. Gregor is a key member of the Scottish Paranormal team, alongside fellow Beul Aithris authors Alister Reid and Ryan O'Neil. It's perhaps safe to say that Gregor has a veritable historic brain! His previous book with Beul Aithris was 2017's Ghosts of Scotland

And without further ado:

Sunday 15 September 2019

The "Haunted Scotland" Cookbook Cover Reveal!

Today is the day of what could be a paranormal first - the reveal of the long awaited paranormal cook book first announced over a year ago!

Brains have been racked and it seems that nothing like this has ever been done before, so Beul Aithris is pretty excited to be the first.

The "Haunted Scotland" Cookbook by Alister Reid is the second in the Scottish Paranormal series, the first being The Unseen World: Afterlife Research by Mr Reid's team mate, Ryan O'Neil.

The Cookbook features recipes that are themed around hauntings and is sure to be one to get the taste buds going to the extent the spirits may wish they were corporeal in order to enjoy the resulting food.

As well as being a paranormal investigator, Alister Reid is also a highly experienced chef, who owns the West Port cafe in Cupar, Fife. So you are very much in good hands here.

Without further ado:

The "Haunted Scotland" Cookbook will be out in time for Hallowe'en