Monday 17 September 2018

The Nights Are Fair Drawing In!

Work is well underway for the Hallowe'en books by Ryan O'Neill and Rick Hale due out in a month. And before that, we have Ann Massey O'Regan's Dark Emerald Tales! It's certainly the weather to be sitting with a good book, and there's nothing like a scary read when a storm is blowing a hoolie outside to stir the imagination.

The eerieness continues into the Christmas season with Ian Ainsley's title on demonology and Gregor Stewart's on Scottish Witch Memorials. The editing is certainly keeping the computer busy here (half of it had to get replaced recently thanks to the wear and tear of publishing).

There are also going to be some changes here at Beul Aithris. At present, the backlist of titles already available as ebooks on Amazon Kindle are being made available on other digital platforms, including Kobo, Google Play Books, Apple, Scribd and Barnes and Noble. It takes a little while to ensure it's done properly, but it will be done soon. Let's just say there are more books than thought. Once that's done, a concentrated effort is going to be made at expanding distribution to shops, so watch this space. That has admittedly started, though on a trickle basis. One person, so many jobs!

Another change is that in the new year, Beul Aithris will be getting a new website on a new server, so the current site is going to be closed after January. By then, the new one, with a friendlier URL for the non-Scots Gaelic speaker should be up. The online shop will remain, as will the usual social media.

So what else can you look forward to next year? Mal Ingham's memoirs (with a foreword by Mike McCartney aka Mike McGear of The Scaffold) will be out in April. It is currently being edited. And also a folk horror novel based on the legend of Peg O'Nell! I shall say no more just now...