Wednesday 8 December 2021

WRITER'S BLOCK - William Becker


William talks to us from Oregon, USA.

1) Tell us a bit about yourself!


I have always had a fascination with history and the metaphysical.  At 8 years of age, I saw my first ghost.  It was another boy about my age that looked real. When I asked about him, I was told that he was dead.  My friends and I kept on playing.

I went on to get my bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s in public administration. These disciplines further developed my ability to verify sources, critical thinking skills and further my interest and understanding of history. 

My parents were schoolteachers.  All during my junior high and high school years we traveled the country in an 8.5-foot camper.  These are among my favorite memories of my childhood.

Dad was a history teacher, so we explored all of the major, and many off the beaten path historical locations in the Continental United States. Seeing locations in person with someone well versed in the history helped bring history alive to me. Later I found that as a medium and psychic I have other ways to see “living history”!

I think all of these experiences as a child helped to develop my love of travel, with particular emphasis on ancient historic sites.  The more ancient the better for me!

 As far as the metaphysical world goes, I have been working with in in various ways, and developing my psychic and mediumship skills for several decades.  Being able to see into the world around me at a deeper level and depth. This brings so much more richness and understanding to what is around me.

My beliefs in the field and understanding come from my personal, direct, and physical experiences. 


2)    How did you first get into writing?


Since I was a young child, I have enjoyed stories, and storytelling. Writing just came naturally as part of it. In junior high and high school I had several English teachers that encouraged me to write.

I am one of the strange ones that really enjoyed writing research papers in school and university.  It’s always been a joy and something I’ve been good at.

3)    Please tell us how you came to work as a psychic?


I have been working with my psychic abilities since I was a teenager.  I as I got older and gained confidence, I did more work in locations and for people.  Many people told me I should become professional and charge for my readings and teachings. These people included my therapist. The event that really confirmed to myself that I was more than ready to go professional was a trip to the biggest avalanche train disaster in the country.  Included in the party was a woman who had extensively studied the site from a historical perspective and had written a book on the location. Others in our group had extensively researched the paranormal. 


As I walked around the gravel parking lot, all the buildings were gone. But I told the others just what sort of things happened each place I stopped, and what the buildings looked right. I was right every time.  We then climbed down to where the trains had come to rest. I gave names, ages, occupations and descriptions of many of those who had perished in the tragedy.  In each case I was correct. 


I also picked up on all of the paranormal experiences the investigators had had, and what the beings looked like. 


4) Your book is In The Footsteps Of My Forebears: A Psychic’s Journey Through Time, which is a unique take on family history and spirits – how did it come into being?

I grew up with my grandma telling me about the old country, her family, and life there. I had always wanted to go the see and experience her village and the places my family helped settle.  A historical society working with the descendants of the area started giving tours of the villages.  Several of my cousins and I were able to make sure we went to Grandma’s village, so we went on the tour.  I wanted to document the stories, history and what I had picked up as a medium in the places and make it a more complete experience to draw people into the story.  I had already published a book on other locations so this was a natural follow up.

5) What does being psychic enable you to bring to books that makes them stand out from other books on the paranormal and spirituality?

The psychic and history combination allows me to give a much fuller experience of a location to the reader. I help them go to not just the physical or just the spiritual and combine the two. It’s something I enjoy doing for myself!

6) When not working as a writer and psychic, what do you enjoy reading?

I usually read history, social justice, economics, and science.  However, I also have a favorite locked room mystery author, and there’s a good deal of literature and ancient literature I really love.  I’m a bit eclectic in my reading, just as I am in life.

7)  What’s next for William Becker?

I am working on my next trip abroad.  I have some truly ancient locations I want to explore, and I think I’m finding ways to do so.

 I also have some books in various stages of development I want to finish.  I love writing but can be a bit distracted getting the projects finished.

 Right now, I’m enjoying the visit of a good friend from the U.K.

For details of William's book click here.


Wednesday 1 December 2021

2021 Publication Wrap Up

This year has seen a wide variety of new books at Beul Aithris Publishing, possibly the widest since being established in 2017. The final of these has just been released with Malcolm J Ingham's children's book, Tales Of Old Billy Badger, illustrated by Mark Hetherington. 

Aimed at children from the age of eight, the book aims at teaching about wildlife and nature. Coupled with Mark's illustrations, it is a lovely title that will no doubt be a great stocking filler for any young animal enthusiast. It mingles tales of Billy with those of other animals around him, including otters, foxes and rabbits amongst others. Many of these were inspired by the creatures Malcolm himself has captured on his wildlife trail cams, which you can see for yourself if you go to his Twitter @ingham_mal. 

The illustrations add beautifully to the stories, bringing them to life in an evocative manner. Mark Hetherington certainly has bags of talent - or is that a sizeable badger sett of talent?

Further details of The Tales of Old Billy Badger can be found here, with links on where to purchase a copy

Another project that Mark was involved was William C Becker's In The Footsteps Of My Forebears: A Psychic's Journey Through Time, in which Mark designed the cover and provided photo editing. William C Becker is a psychic medium, coach and author based in America, and he takes a unique turn on genealogy using his talents, something, which no doubt those enthusiastic about researching their family trees would love to do. 

The book recounts William's journey back to his ancestral homeland, visiting the places where his family once lived. The photos alone provide an evocative view of this trip, but it is what William picks up psychically from his passed over relatives that add that extra special twist to the book. It is a title that stays with the reader long after finishing it, and perhaps will lead them to look more into their own questions about where they come from.

Further details and links to get your copy of the book can be found here.