Saturday 20 October 2018

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The current Beul Aithris website is going to be replaced shortly with a brand spanking new one, so updates on that site will now cease and this blog will take up the slack until the new site is ready.

First of all, while all print editions of  Beul Aithris titles are available via Amazon and other retailers, they are also available for purchase direct via the online bookshop, which can be accessed by clicking this text.

Secondly, all titles previously only available digitally on the Kindle format are now available on the digital format of your choice! See below for more details.

Books are listed in order of release.

Uncanny Clydeside by M J Steel Collins

A read that takes you on a trip through  haunted railways, poltergeists, witch trials, bodysnatching and best of the Clydebuilt ships to wind up in California.

By The Dying Tree by Michael S Collins

Fox Squirrels, strange corner shops, mysterious shadows lurking  - you name it, it 's there in this eerie collection of short horror tales set in the enivrons of Glasgow

 My Life As A Scottish Paranormal Investigator by David Barrett

A rip-roaring read of investigating haunted locations the length and breadth of Scotland, England, Ireland and Romainia, David has had quite an adventurous life. 

Ghosts of Scotland by Gregor Stewart
Scotland is often said to be one of the most haunted countries in the world. Find out why in this collection of ghostly folklore

 Diary Of A Shapeshifter by Kevin Patrick McCann
The world isn't quite what it seems in this collection of poetry, and riddles for children.
This Isle Is Full Of Monsters: Shakespeare's Audiences And The Supernatural by Jon Kaneko-James
Shakespeare's plays and those of his contemporaries was suffused with the supernatural. Discover their background and learn how early modern society related to the supernatural.
 Dark Emerald Tales by Ann Massey O'Regan

Go on a journey into Ireland's past, right up to the present in the exploration of Irish folklore and hauntings. From the Banshee and the Dullahan, to what walks Leap Castle, the Emerald Isle will haunt your dreams after reading this book. 

 The Unseen World: Afterlife Research by Ryan O'Neill

The much anticipated publishing debut by paranormal truthseeker Ryan O'Neill explains everything from different levels of consciousness, NDE's, paranormal investigation and a guide to some haunted locations he has investigated.

 Behold! Shocking True Tales Of Terror... ...And Some Other Spooky Stuff by Rick Hale

Rick Hale has lived and breathed the paranormal from an early age. This charts his adventures helping the haunted, his favourite haunted locations, and ultimately, his greatest battle. Interspersed with information on the finer points of the field, Chicago's inveterate ghost hunter will make you laugh and look over your shoulder at the same time

 How do you become a demonologist? Read how I J Ainsley fell into the realm of the paranormal and his hair raising experiences in this new book


Wednesday 17 October 2018

A Troika of Spooky Reading

After lots of very hard work going back several months, Beul Aithris has published not one, not two, but three paranormally tinged books in the last month! The paperbacks can be ordered now on Amazon.

First up, Ann Massey O'Regan's Dark Emerald Tales, which explores Irish folklore and hauntings. There are very few titles of this calibre available on Irish folklore, so enthusiasts will no doubt enjoy this journey from the origins of Irish mythology right up to the modern day hauntings of Dublin's Hellfire Club, Leap Castle and Loftus Hall, to name but a few. This is Ann's first book, available now on Amazon. Direct Link

Next, we have Ryan O'Neill's The Unseen World: Afterlife Research. This looks at the experiences that brought the paranormal into Ryan's life and how it became his passion. It also explores numerous themes within parapsychology, such as Outer Body Experiences, Near Death Experiences, the tenets of investigating a haunted location, a glossary of paranormal terminology and a guide to Scottish haunted locations Ryan has investigated. Ryan is very popular in the paranormal field, with his group, Scottish Paranormal. This is his highly anticipated first book, available now on Amazon. Direct Link.

 Finally, Rick Hale's Behold! Shocking True Tales of Terror... ...And Some Other Spooky Stuff, which is Rick's autobiography detailing his adventures as a paranormal investigator and what was, ultimately, the biggest challenge of his life. Intersperesed with information and facts on the theme of each chapter, it's an entertaining, educational and emotional read. The cover art was provided by the artist Mark Hetherington. This is Rick's second book, available on Amazon. Direct Link.