Monday 4 March 2019

From Badgers to Bookshops

Quite a lot is going on behind the scenes here at Beul Aithris: if anything, it's safe to say an exciting transition of growth and expansion is under way!

Next month sees the release of the highly anticipated From Badgers to Nighthawks: Adventures of a Wildlife Ranger by Malcolm J Ingham. The final touches and checks to the manuscript are on the go at this very moment, and there have been several enquiries as to when it will be released! The answer to that is April 19, with a projected print price of £10.99. It will of course be available online - you can get your very own copy from the Beul Aithris Publishing bookshop, as well as Amazon in print. It will also be available as an eBook from Amazon Kindle, Kobo and other digital platforms, price to be confirmed. Work is also underway to get it to traditional bookshops, along with some other Beul Aithris titles.

Another title out much later in the year, but one to look forward to is Daniel Nicholas Cobban's The Demon of the Well. This is the first full length novel to be published by Beul Aithris, as well as Daniel's debut novel. Focussing on the legend of Peg O'Nell, it's a fantastic read, not to mention absolutely terrifying - definitely one for fans of horror and supernatural fiction.

Finally, another thing that will hopefully be starting soon will be the appearance of guest blogs showcasing the work of Beul Aithris authors and others.