Thursday 17 January 2019

New Book Directory, Peg O'Nell and Badgers!

A brief run down on some of the latest news from Beul Aithris...

Website Update

The website is now complete with a nicely revamped book directory, with details on all the books available with Beul Aithris. Just click the books link in the menu above and enjoy your perusal. We have everything from superhero bunnies and poetry with a difference in Children's books to Dullahans, supernatural Shakespeare, haunted Glasgow, paranormal investigations and politically minded dugs in the other sections, so something for everyone.

Peg O'Nell

Peg O'Nell's Well

Work has started editing up the first Beul Aithris novel, a terrifying tale of Peg O'Nell by Daniel Nicholas Cobban, due out later this year - here is a bit of background on the terrifying legend of Peg to whet your appetite -  click here

Thank U Very Much for the Badgers

Hallo, my kind are in a book!

This April will see the release of Malcolm J Ingham's From Badgers to Nighthawks: Adventures of a Wildlife Ranger. Malcolm ran the Wildlife Rescue unit on The Wirral for several years, and as this book shows, there was never a dull moment! The forward of the book was written by The Scaffold's Mike 'McGear' McCartney. Watch this space!

Other tidbits

Plans are afoot to make Beul Aithris books available in the shops. It may be something of a long process, but hopefully by the end of the year, our titles will be in a bookshop near you!