Monday 18 June 2018

Peering into the cold light of dawn

It appears to be good thinking to start a blog about my life as a small press publisher. Good promotion tool for the business check. Vehicle to promote my wares. Check. Also, just might be a good read and let folk into the behind the scenes process of what I do.

Beul Aithris Publishing was established in February 2017 as a vehicle for unusual books for a reasonable price. The main output is in the paranormal and folklore, but there are also some nice sidelines into children's titles, humour and history. So far about eight books have been published, including: Uncanny Clydeside by M J Steel Collins (er yes, me, but I needed someone to practice on, and why not my own manuscript!), By the Dying Tree by Michael S Collins.  the Wee Bunny Book by Elaine May Smith and Alison Stell, My Life as a Scottish Paranormal Investigator by David Barrett, Ghosts of Scotland by Gregor Stewart, The Wee Dugs by Red Raiph, Diary of a Shapeshifter by Kevin Patrick McCann, and This Isle is Full of Monsters: Shakespeare's Audiences and the Supernatural by Jon Kaneko-James.

Work is on the go for book nine, Dark Emerald Tales by Anne Massey O'Regan, a book of Irish folklore, and other titles are ongoing for Hallowe'en and Christmas release.

More info on Beul Aithris can be found at the official website, with details of where to buy the aforementioned books, which are also available direct, if Amazon isn't your thing. Beul Aithris also maintains a regular social media presence on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. See sidebar for details!