Ruffled Feathers At Blackwaterfoot by Miller Caldwell

 Be taken to the Island of Arran in the Tartan Noire trilogy. Murders At Blackwaterfoot, Dementia Adventure/Seaweed In My Hair Omnibus

Nu Yok city lawyer Tony Lupino visits Arran. He states he is the direct descendent of Alban Caskie who lived in Blackwaterfoot in 1702. The discovery of gold in the north of the island starts a goldrush. Tony uncovers a World War II Nazi plane and assists the police in the search for a missing teenager. Naturally the locals are enthralled as he regales them with his Sioux heritage and are especially impressed with his Sioux instincts. But is he really who he claims to be? After reports of these facts appear in the New York Times, two New York residents are more than curious. They have murder on their minds.

"A captivating and intriguing novel. Miller takes the reader back to Blackwaterfoot on the Island of Arran for another rivetting read." CYRIL BARNETT

The Reader's Bonus:
Miller is part of the 5 % of the population who can recall dreams. To end this book are 12 dreams he has dreamt. Each a short story in itself to be enjoyed.

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