Murders At Blackwaterfoot

Based at Lamlash on Arran, PC Rory Murdoch has a minimal caseload, giving him ample time to think about his daughter, Ella, and her special needs. Then three murders occur in close succession. His supervising officer, mainland-based D.I. Samuel Grant, is not supportive.

Can Rory stand up to this bully and undermining superior? Rory receives a letter from Belgium and Ella has a remarkable insight both of which lead to High Court trials in Ayr. How can Rory cope with three murder trials while his mind is preoccupied on greater matters? This is a fast-paced story set in the stunningly beautiful island of Arran with elements of humour, pathos, romance and great sadness.

"This was a marvellous story and I even shed a tear or two". Morag Ritchie.

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