Ghost Watch by Rick Hale


It would be unusual not to find a ghost lurking in every corner of the planet. Ghost stories are amongst some of the oldest forms of storytelling in the world and belief in ghosts can be found in many different cultures. In this collection, ghost hunter Rick E Hale takes us on a tour of hauntings from America, the British Isles and Europe. This is a collection for the most ardent ghost fan.

There is also a nod to the man dubbed the King of The Ghost Hunters, the late Peter Underwood, who Rick pays particular homage to, both in the title of this book and his podcast series of the same name. Peter Underwood also had his own Ghost Watch, wherein he recounted tales of hauntings on the radio.

So, pull up a chair, enjoy a hot drink, and maybe hope something unseen isn’t watching you while your toes curl at the tales within.

This is Rick E Hale’s fourth book and his third with Beul Aithris Publishing. 

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