Bullets, Booze & Babes: A Haunted History of Chicago & Illinois by Rick Hale

 Chicago - the Windy City, home of Chicago Blues, the stomping ground of the gangster - and most definitely haunted with several other weird tales thrown in for an added bonus. The wider area around the city, indeed the state of Illinois itself is no different. From haunted cemeteries, tragic murders whose victims have stayed behind, UFOs, the mysterious Thunderbirds, there is something for everyone's taste in high strangeness. Come for the hospitality, stay for the weirdness, as author Rick Hale says. And who better a guide to the bizarre side of Chicago and Illinois than a native, who just happens to ooze the psychic from every pore? Join Rick as he takes you on a whirlwind tour through Batchelor's Grove Cemetery, various gangland and other murders, strange creatures and much more.

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