Gods, Ghosts and Goblins by Eric L Fitch

The British Isles are awash with all sorts of legends and strange history, which have woven their way into the indigenous cultures and popular culture. This collection brings together these writings, ranging in subject matter from the links between the Celtic god Nodens, a Roman temple, and J. R. R. Tolkien; Woden’s influence in England; various horned gods; the Montem mound and associated salt ritual; St Ursula; various witches; Norse gods; the Chalvey Stabmonk; folklore surrounding ravens, ghosts and goblins; King Arthur; exorcism; M. R. James; H. G. Wells and other authors; and a significant update on his earlier work on Herne the Hunter.
Eric L. Fitch displays a phenomenal knowledge of folklore, legends, and custom. This is a collection that no folklore or antiquarian aficionado can do without.

Eric L. Fitch has written extensively on the subject of folklore, history mythology and customs. His previous book was In Search of Herne the Hunter published by Capall Bann Publishing. Cover by Mark Hetherington.