The Haunted Scotland Cookbook: Scottish Paranormal Book 2 by Alister Reid

"Being a professional chef and a paranormal researcher and investigator are more similar than you may think.”

Some people are passionate about food and some are passionate about hauntings. And here is what happens when you get someone passionate about both – probably the first paranormal cook book in history. Here, Scottish Paranormal’s Alister Reid takes you on a journey through the fascinating haunted locations he has researched and investigated. With the added bonus of a recipe dedicated to the people and places he has met and visited, the hungry paranormal enthusiast and foodie won’t be disappointed.

Included inside – Balgonie Castle and the Laird’s Scone, The Wizard of Balwearie and his porridge, the haunted Govan ship yard and the Govanite’s very own tattie scone, and Alister’s own haunted café and pancakes. Grab your EMF Meter and your frying pan and get going!

Available now in ebook and in paperback from Amazon.

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