Annika and the Treasure of Iceland by Anjte Bothin


“It was as if there were two Annikas, the loud, lively girl at home and the silent shadow of herself in public. It was unbearable to be called names and thought of as unkind when she did not manage to say hello or thank you to people.

Most people had never heard of her problem and expected so much. Annika had only known for a short time that her silence had a name. A diagnosis.

Selective Mutism. “

Since childhood, Annika has struggled to talk thanks to Selective Mutism. Then one day, she receives an invitation out of the blue – to participate in a treasure hunt. But it’s a treasure hunt with a difference, encompassing the whole island of Iceland.

What follows is an adventure that belies all expectations, involving a host of differing characters, including Ragnar, Gunnar, Margret and Oskar, Anton, Jonas, Sigrun and Helga. All travel across the beautiful landscape of Iceland, seeking and finding clues, and at the same time, learn something about themselves during the hunt, but none more so than Annika.

Join all of them on this journey of self-discovery and take in the wonder of Iceland and the incredible strengths of the human spirit.

Cover art by Kathy Rowan

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